A Female Gaze in 3 Absurdist Films

Poster for The Hare Trilogy that shows 3 actors as hares: Desmond Dutcher wearing rabbit ears on a fedora, Laurie Bennet with white hare makeup and rabbit ears, and Dani Martineck as a ringmaster hare with ears on the top hat surronding a ancient stone circular tablet of 3 hares chasing one another.

Written by Barbara Yoshida and directed by Ralph Lewis, THE HARE TRILOGY: A Female Gaze in 3 Absurdities takes a feminist look at contemporary masculinity through three interrelated stories: LANGUAGE GAMES, INTUITIVE LEAP, and ANIMAL MAGNETISM. Each stands alone as a short film, and together with prologue, interludes, and epilogue, they comprise a full-length feature film.

Set in different, imagined worlds and woven together with shared plot lines and characters, THE HARE TRILOGY scrutinizes philosophy, myth, science, and language through a feminist lens, investigating changes in today’s male-female dynamics. INTUITIVE LEAP conjures a mythical hare-woman to confront a desperate man’s superiority complex; LANGUAGE GAMES pits a young woman against three great thinkers from history over a mahjong table; and ANIMAL MAGNETISM catches a famous hunter in the crosshairs of a young activist.

Currently in post-production, the shorts have been shot and edited, and the final stage is an arthouse cinema screening of all three where the connecting material will be performed live, and shot with multiple cameras. The recording of this live hybrid film/theater event will complete this uniquely in-concert feature film that brings out the absurdities of both form (theater/cinema) and content (gender dynamics).

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