Why Site-Specific?

Vacant Storefront • Historic Building • School Classrooms • Grocery Store • Residential Loft • Church Sanctuary • Public Parks • Private Gardens • Cemetery • Former Speakeasy • City Streets • Commercial Offices • Gymnasium

These are just a few of the unexpected places that Peculiar Works has brought to artistic life with our unusual brand of performance. Site-specific theater is literally theater created for specific non-theater sites, but our work expands this definition in new and original ways. With our moveable feasts, the peculiarities of an environment are integral parts of the fun, thought-provoking performances that we create in locations throughout NYC.

We perform in unconventional spaces because we believe architecturally unique sites have a direct impact on our work, and our work in turn impacts the site and audiences ultimately experience both the performance and the environment in surprising new ways. These productions bring our work directly into local communities and take our audiences on unusual journeys into the diverse neighborhoods that make NYC such a special place to live.

By creating site-specific theater and performance, PWP makes NYC residents aware of the hidden secrets behind the incredible spaces they walk past every day. We believe that how people see, hear, and even move through our work is as important as the content and stories we tell. As a result, we devote a significant amount of time to developing the adventure — both literal and figurative — that the audience takes. Our performances are not just site-specific: they explore the different forms that site-based work can take.