Master Classes

Environmental • Immersive • Promenade • Found Space • Pop-Up • Guerilla • Street Theater • Flash Mob • Interactive

PWP with the Trinity/La MaMa master class, 2019, at Judson Memorial Church


Our site-specific, multi-disciplinary master classes provide a unique education in an unconventional performance style that is quickly growing in breadth and popularity.

  • In-depth history of site-based work across various disciplines
  • Overview of terminology, current trends and advancements
  • Multi-media case studies of site successes (and failures)
  • Methods for researching and booking sites
  • Breakdown of technical and financial tools
  • Bibliography of site performance criticism

One-day workshops, 3 or 6 session classes, or a full semester course – the curriculum is scalable for class size, skill level and age range; and lessons are tailored to the students' specific communities. All sessions include highly participatory, hands-on experience that teaches collaboration in unusual situations and provides a practical toolbox for creators in all disciplines.

A key goal of Peculiar Works is to draw attention to the hidden secrets behind the incredible spaces that New Yorkers walk by every day, by presenting original performances that we develop from concept to full production. The classes follow our own artistic process, exploring the physical, spatial and architectural impact on performance work, with techniques that add important creative skills to inspire new artists beyond the traditional stage.

  • Devise solo and group performances
  • Improvise with performer-audience relationships
  • Match potential sites to proposed plays
  • Create a photo journal of unique sites
  • Take field trips to unusual places
  • Attend site-specific shows
  • Consult one-on-one with Peculiar Works