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What we're working on now and what's still to come

The Origins of Broadway: Rise of New York's Early Theater Scene. Five drawings of theaters from the early 1800s: a view of the empty Park Theater stage, 3 of audiences watching performances, and the last of fire fighters putting out a blaze at the Bowery Theater.

THE ORIGINS OF BROADWAY: Rise of New York's Early Theater Scene

New York Adventure Club presents Ralph Lewis' webinar exploring the evolution of the New York City theater industry through the mid 1800s. Monday, October 3, 2022 at 8:00 pm EDT

by Frank Blocker and Murray Scott Changar, based on interviews with a Holocaust survivor. Photo of Frank Blocker on stage as Henryk Altman seated in an armchair and talking to the audience.


A new solo performance based on interviews with a Holocaust survivor. Written by Frank Blocker and Murray Scott Changar; performed by Frank Blocker; directed by Jamibeth Margolis. Nov. 16, 2022 at 7:00pm in the United Solo Festival at Theatre Row, NYC.

FREEDOM'S LAST STAND: image of tiki torches in Charlottesville, VA rally of white supremists from 2017


An emersive production that combines Shakespeare's Coriolanus with original text, music, and anti-government conspiracy theories to spotlight the danger of nationalism and "white rage" in 21st century America. First workshop presentation December 5-7, 2022—check back soon for details.

Intuitive Leap. Photo of Laurie Bennett as The Hare Woman on the film set.


An absurdist look at masculinity through a contemporary "female gaze." Hare-Woman is on the attack with intuitive arts: painting, music, drama, and dance, but her macho adversary fights back with science and psychology to defend the supremacy of logic and the rational mind. Do new gender paradigms threaten today’s male psyche?


By Barbara Yoshida, directed by Ralph Lewis. In an absurdist take on philosophy and language, a young woman conjures three great thinkers from the past, and as she spars with them over a spirited game of Mahjong, words spin out of control until a mythological hare inspires her to confront their chauvinism and she wins the game.