Current Projects

What we're working on now and what's still to come

JANES RETURN: A collage of black and white photos of Jane Jacobs at protests to save Penn Station in 1962 and at a city council meeting holing up papers to illustrate her arguments.


A site-specific performance walk—viewable live or online. Based on the historic 1962 protests to save the original Penn Station that inspired NYC’s Preservation Commission and Landmarks law, these Janes will be highlighting the Endangered Buildings in the Penn Station District.

The Astor Place Riots: America's Deadly Theatrical Rivalry a collage of three mid-nineteenth century drawings: hand-colored woodcut of William Charles Macready as Macbeth on the left, a hand-colored woodcut of the Astor Place Theater with rioters fighting in front of it at center, and a black and white woodcut of Edwin Forrest as Macbeth on the right.

THE ASTOR PLACE RIOTS: America's Deadly Theatrical Rivalry

created & performed by Ralph Lewis to commmemorate the 173rd anniversary of this tragic event. Join us from your home—or from wherever—and get the inside scoop on this incredible moment in NYC history: the first time in U.S. history that our government shot and killed its own innocent citizens.


By Barbara Yoshida, directed by Ralph Lewis. In an absurdist take on philosophy and language, a young woman conjures three great thinkers from the past, and as she spars with them over a spirited game of Mahjong, words spin out of control until a mythological hare inspires her to confront their chauvinism and she wins the game.

Behind the Curtain, an image of a audience seating in a theater as seen through parted red curtains from the stage


A Virtual Talk and Tour of the Beginnings of Broadway.


Conceived for a wedding reception and premiered in 2018 at the Black Mountain College 8th annual (re)happening fetival, this new abstraction is out to question everything you thought you knew: Pluto – planet or not a planet?

FLOYDADA in Philadelphia, 2017


We've created a portable version of the two Texas sisters' take on Dada that we are presenting in theaters across the US.

Untitled Gender Project flames superimposed with male and female symbols


A new solo work inspired by Virginia Woolf's Orlando and the Greek mythological blind prophet, Tiresias—each of whom gained wisdom from having lived as both man and woman—brought together in our current moment of #MeToo, Men's Rights Activists, the 2016 election, and "Nevertheless, She Persisted"

Tiki torches in Charlottesville White Supremists' Rally, 2017


An emersive production that combines Shakespeare's Coriolanus with original text, and anti-government conspiracy theories to spotlight the danger of nationalism and "white rage" in 21st century America.

Raising the Brooklyn Bridge in MANNA-HATA at the James A. Farley post office, NYC, 2013


The collaborators are reworking the sold-out 2013 adventure through NYC history with more songs and new stories.